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1560 X 708 PREMIUM ADS.

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640 X 360

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300 X 250

Video ads. 16:9 ratio

Make one ad and show it everywhere.

<p>With Cosmos Sound your product and services is well known by the whole world in just a short period of time with less stress and money.
The dimensions shown above are the various sizes of our ads. banner so therefore your ads should follow those dimensions depending on the plans you want to subscribe to.

  • PREMIUM ADS: The premium ads is the first banner shown at the top which would be placed at the top for one month after the payment has been made & also the Video ads.
  • SILVER ADS: The silver plan consists of all other ads banners and sizes.
    The ads lasts for two (2) weeks after then without renewal will be taking offline.<p>

For more info please contact us: +2347085604023 or